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Festival Prep For Men

Here is how to make the most of your visits to festivals that are taking place all over Spain this summer, but especially in Alicante, Barcelona and Andalusia. The geography should give you a clue to the first thing that you need to do. Take sunscreen and wear it. Yes I just said that, but it really is that important. Especially if you are a Brit going to a festival in Spain. Two days over twenty five degrees in England and there is a national hose pipe ban. When I wake up in Southern Spain on a normal August morning it is twenty five. At seven in the morning. And the direct overhead sun will peak around forty five or fifty by mid afternoon. Wear the damn sun screen.

Take the right company with you. Yes, I know you are a cool rugged man and that being on your own is your way of being an individual who does not hang with the sheep. But getting back to your accommodation and rubbing one off with Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters is nothing like as much fun as having a woman with you. So of you do not have one f your own to go with, contact one of the local escort agencies. OK, the Geneva escort in question is probably not going to share your tent with you. But you certainly blow off some steam without growing hairs on your calloused palms.

Plastic bottles are a must. Glass is always a big no no at any festival for obvious reasons. So take your own plastic bottles. Remember which is Volvic water and which is Absolut vodka though eh? Oh, and take a wide neck one ltire bottle. It is more polite than pissing next to someone else's tent. 

Gaffa tape is famous for having a number of kinky and perverse uses which might come in handy if you are lucky. It can also seal a hole in your tent, seal a leaky shoe, act as a plaster in an emergency. But mainly it can be used to secure packs of beer to your festival trolley.