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We’ve All Got Our Preferences

We’ve All Got Our Preferences

We’ve All Got Our Preferences

We’ve all got a preference when it comes to what we like. We find ourselves exploring more and more niches, branching out into the world of endless possibilities that surround us… Me on the other hand, I just really enjoy redheads. I mean who could deny those ladies like Bat Man’s Poison Ivy or Mia Farrow from Rosemary’s Baby. God damn!

Redheads in Berkshire

I live in an upscale neighbourhood near the National Art Gallery in the Mayfair area of London. Lots of escorts are willing to travel a little bit out of the way to get to where you need them to be but that sometimes comes with an extra cost. I found the best redhead when cruising Berkshire escort reviews on She catered to all my needs and I will definitely be calling her again.

Find an Upscale Escort

Berkshire has an affluence of gorgeous, upscale escorts. Considering it one of the most upscale places to live in the United Kingdom, you better bet you are getting only the best. I found in some places in London (when I was not ordering from my own home) or travelling for business, I would always find myself disappointed if I ended up with some escort with no brains and a bad attitude.

I am a high-class man and I enjoy the finer things in my life, I do not settle. That’s why I always go to Berkshire escorts because they are the best. I could find tons of elegant redheads, too. Which is always good for someone with an appetite such as mine! Ha!

How to Find the Right Upscale Escort

It can be hard navigating the internet these days. I discovered that when it comes to finding the right upscale escort, there are 3 factors that are essential:

  • Go through an agency. It is always extremely important when finding an upscale escort to go through an agency. I found my best results at They have a great selection and the site is easy to navigate. The gallery is great too.
  • Ask the right questions. A lot of agencies will have escort profiles on their websites. This will give you more info about an escort such as whether she will give blow jobs or have full penetration intercourse or if she is just a date escort. You can also call the agency and find out which girls are the best. If you are willing to pay the right price you can get pretty much anything you desire these days.
  • Take them out somewhere nice. These are high-class women. You don’t want to waste their time taking them somewhere low scale. A five-class restaurant is always a good choice when trying to impress and charm a beautiful upscale woman.

Do Your Research!

There are tonnes of resources that can help ensure the best night for you and your escort. You can find many Twitter profiles of escorts who tell you what they like and have some videos so you can see them in action, like the lovely Verity Thorne. I also found a lot of cool videos on YouTube where escorts will tell you about how to treat an escort.

If this is your first time ever with an escort, just remember to do a little research and respect the woman you are with. It will always end up being a better experience if you do.