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Social background and male companionship

Social background and male companionship

When I was growing up, I used to hear the proverb “No man is an island” but my small brain was unable to figure out what they really meant about that until I became a victim of loneliness imposed depression. You know that loneliness is one of the things that anyone moving to a new location has to deal with unless you went with a companion. Loneliness is particularly worse for women – little wonder many of them settle for male companionship.

The main reason why I decided to put up this writing is not to talk about how loneliness can prompt one to seek male companionship but how some women interpret the concept of male companionship. I do understand that everyone has different levels of IQ which will affect how they will interpret a problem – expose two different individuals to similar situations and you will be surprised at how differently they would react to it. Similar situations occur when two different ladies seek for male companionship – what they will desire from their male companionship will always differ. I did a little digging and experimenting and it struck me that social background may likely be behind the disparity in the use of male companionship services among different women.

Normally, male companionship services have been structure to provide basically sexual satisfaction to women. Men who join male companionship are very much aware of this and they are always ready to give their best as the ladies demands but there are large number of ladies who would hire a male companionship just to have them stick around and chat as far as the day goes. It may seem an unreasonable thing to do, something similar to going to a comedy show only to restrict yourself from laughing – that is exactly what I am talking about. Social background has a lot to do with this.

In the social class, there is the low class, the middle class and the elites. Each of this stratum react differently to male companionship use and I will highlight what I found out from observing the different classes.

  • Elites

The elites do not use male companionship services very much because they are usually busy people (may not really be physically busy but their minds are filled with ideas that gives no room for boredom or loneliness that will prompt them to seek male companion). The only time they may subscribe to male companionship service is if they travel for business or when they are on vacation. Among elite women too, the singles tend to use male companionship more than those who are married. One trait that is common among the elites is that of maximizing the use of anything they lay their hands on – the same experience you will get when you work for elite. Hence, when they decide to hire the services of male companionship, like a hardcore capitalist, thy will make sure they get the most of them which means that sexual satisfaction must be involved. Male companions who get hired by elites must be ready to satisfy them sexually – it is not debatable.

  • Middle class

The middle class are the most users of male companionship services and in the middle class, what they do with male companionship service will differ depending on other factors that are not related to money like religion. The reason why the middle class are the most users of male companions is simply because they usually have more time on their hands. Most of the middle class work for the elites and since they have stipulated working times, once work session is over and they return to their loneliness, the quest for a companion is bound to follow. Middle class may or may not seek sexual satisfaction but like I said, it boils down to a number of other reasons.

  • Lower class

Just like the elites, the lower class does not always seek the services of male companionship although the scenario is far different from what it is for the elites. Unlike the elites who are very busy, the lower class, most often, languishing in loneliness and boredom and their lack of use of male companionship is borne from lack of resources.  Those of them that are able to hire male companionship services will only want them to talk to them and make them feel warm and usually nothing sexually.